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We can help train you on all your Atlassian and Appfire family products

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Convenience - Got a question? Just Ask Appfire

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Expertise - Atlassian-certified Club Advisors

Science - Helps personalize your Club experience

Budget Friendly - Fixed price you can forecast.

Bundled - One price for all 'A List' member benefits

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Shared Knowledge - We share our expertise

Scalable - Optional multi-member "Team Packs", so you can instantly scale your team's Atlassian expertise as your platform grows.

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* Active A List members may request a Free Atlassian Health Check once per Atlassian platform per year through our member-only 'JustAsk' system.
** Applies to Server-based commercial apps only under Appfire's "Bob Swift" and "Wittified" add-on brands. NOT applicable to Cloud-based apps. NEW is defined as having been launched commercially by the Appfire family to the Atlassian Marketplace for the first time within the twelve (12) month period prior to each request.

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